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Dissociable neuronal substrates of visual feature attention and working memory

D Mendoza-Halliday, H Xu, FAC Azevedo, R Desimone

Neuron 112, 1-14.

A ubiquitous spectrolaminar motif of local field potential power across the primate cortex

D Mendoza-Halliday, AJ Major, N Lee, M Lichtenfeld, B Carlson, B Mitchell, PD Meng, Y Xiong, J Westerberg, X Jia, KD Johnston, J Selvanayagam, S Everling, A Maier, R Desimone, EK Miller, AM Bastos

Nature Neuroscience, 1-14.

Neural substrates of visual perception and working memory: Two sides of the same coin or two different coins?

M Roussy, D Mendoza-Halliday, J Martinez-Trujillo

Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 131

An open resource for non-human primate optogenetics

Tremblay S., ... Mendoza-Halliday, D., ... et al.

Neuron 108 (6), 1075-1090. e6

Changes in the proportion of inhibitory interneuron types from sensory to executive areas of the primate neocortex: implications for the origins of working memory representations

S Torres-Gomez, JD Blonde, D Mendoza-Halliday, et al.

Cerebral Cortex 30 (8), 4544-4562

An ultra-sensitive step-function opsin for minimally invasive optogenetic stimulation in mice and macaques

X Gong*, D Mendoza-Halliday*, JT Ting*, et. al.

Neuron 107 (1), 38-51. e8

Neuronal population coding of perceived and memorized visual features in the lateral prefrontal cortex

D Mendoza-Halliday, JC Martinez-Trujillo

Nature Communications 8 (1), 15471

Sustained activity encoding working memories: not fully distributed

ML Leavitt, D Mendoza-Halliday, JC Martinez-Trujillo

Trends in Neurosciences 40 (6), 328-346

Working memory representations of visual motion along the primate dorsal visual pathway

D Mendoza-Halliday, S Torres, J Martinez-Trujillo

Mechanisms of Sensory Working Memory: Attention and Perfomance XXV

Sharp emergence of feature-selective sustained activity along the dorsal visual pathway

D Mendoza-Halliday, S Torres, JC Martinez-Trujillo

Nature Neuroscience 17 (9), 1255-1262

Binocular rivalry of spiral and linear moving random dot patterns in human observers

N Malek, D Mendoza-Halliday, J Martinez-Trujillo

Journal of Vision 12 (10), 16-16

Combined effects of feature-based working memory and feature-based attention on the perception of visual motion direction

D Mendoza, M Schneiderman, C Kaul, J Martinez-Trujillo

Journal of Vision 11 (1), 11-11

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